Bike Pumps

The Topeak Morph G is a difficult pump to find in your local bike shop. I had to special order mine but it came in just a few days. Some things are worth the weight (pun included at no additional charge to you). It weighs in at a tad over half a pound, 9.6 oz. to be exact. Here I am counting ounces. I said I didn’t do that.

It’s not something I would carry on day rides or even tours of only a few days, but for longer rides, where daily maintenance includes keeping the tires properly inflated, this is a good pump to take along. It’s a miniature floor pump complete with foot peg and a flip out gauge, tiny, but still large enough for my myopic eyes to read. Thus, I can save weight by not carrying reading glasses.


I have two other pumps, the Crank Brother’s PPA (6.01oz.) and the tiny PP (3.2oz.). Both work well enough to fix a flat and both have gauges, but are too cumbersome for daily tire maintenance on the road. I’ve never been able to reach top tire pressure with the PP.


Years ago I had a long frame pump. They are a good option but lack a gauge and you’re still holding the tire and pump in place with one hand and pumping with the other. I really think Topeak is on to something with the mini-floor pump design. Smaller and lighter versions than the Morph G are available; I just really dig the flip-out gauge.


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