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Going completely off topic

Russ Roca, the Epicurean Cyclist, wrote a blog article a few months ago describing his bicycle touring shaving kit. He is using a DoVo Shavette; a straight razor with replaceable blade inserts.

It’s curious how little seeds of thought fester and grow into full blown behaviors. I work in mental health, so I see this sort of thing everyday. Anyway, back to my point, the idea rocked around in my head for a week or two ending in an internet browse into the topic of wet shaving and a purchase of an “old style” safety razor and shaving brush with some really nice smelling soap. The type of thing your granddad used.

I’ve been using el cheapo disposables and electric face beaters for the past three decades. Oh what a difference! I can’t believe I’ve been punishing my face for so many years. I fell for the advertising hype that has sold American men on the premises that it’s a good idea to have multiple blades rip and tear at hair follicles. I can’t believe I’ve been so duped!

The double-edged disposable blade was invented in 1904 and has remained virtually unchanged since. It is the shaving staple of most of the shaving world (at least the part of the world not under the evil influence of the ad men). Traditional wet shaving costs pennies a shave and does not clutter landfills with aerosol cans of foamy chemicals and those plastic handled modern marvels of advertising moguls. You get a closer and more comfortable shave. There is also an element of risk involved so shaving is a skill to be learned and enjoyed. Shaving is now a hobby not a drudgery to be tolerated.

Here are some interesting links:
YouTube Tutorial
Robert’s Method of Wet Shaving PDF

PS: Mea Culpa. Apparently the large pictures on this blog were slow to load. Enjoy the new and improved VeloHobo with faster loading smaller pictures!

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