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Featured Rider: Andy Lievertz

Andy and Bike

Andy and Bike

Andy found us through WarmShowers and took shelter with us from the recent downpour for a few days. Andy is from Gainesville Florida and is involved in the local bicycle co-op. Andy is taking a break from the day to day drudgery of employment to do some adventuring on his bicycle. And what a bike it is!

Andy's Bike

Andy's Bike

Andy has repurposed a tandem into a stretched out touring bike. The frame is made in China. The rear rider accoutrements have been removed to accommodate Andy’s large rear rack; a rack he welded himself and had powder coated. His super large red panniers were created with the help of a friend and could carry a massive load if needed. This is not an ultra-light rig for sure, but it certainly is one of a kind. Notice the skateboard truck used to support the chain.

BIG red panniers

BIG red panniers

Andy’s interest is in multi-purpose bikes which can be used as utility or commuter bikes then taken out to tour. As Andy says, “kind of the station wagon of bikes”. His creation looks as if it could do any job you threw at it. Andy left us Monday morning heading north on the Blue Ridge Parkway and plans to make his way towards D.C. Keep an eye out for Andy’s creations as his multi-purpose bike idea evolves. Follow his adventures on his Blog, Cold Binary Heart or on his Crazy Guy on a Bike journal.

Raquel and I wish Andy a safe journey, Jack

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