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Featured Rider: Tom Stormcrowe


Photo at Tom's site

In my job as a social worker I have been honored to support many people on their road to recovery as they reclaim their wellness from various setbacks. All of these people are on a heroic journey of self discovery greater than any epic bike tour we could embark on. They battle daily to make small gains and often must persevere through stigma and prejudice in a judgmental society.

I found Tom’s blog the other day and was inspired, so I asked if he would mind sharing a bit about himself. Tom Stormcrowe is on a journey of recovery and he is using cycling as a wellness tool. Tom sent the following to share with The Velo Hobo readers:

I found myself in a position where I literally had no life, so I decided to change things. I was nearly dead, in a wheelchair and on oxygen, just to stay alive due to a Pituitary disorder. I did choose to have bariatric surgery to help me with the initial weight loss, because I was far past the point of being able to exercise, etc, at 581 pounds.

Since March, 2005, I have managed to drop down to 199 pounds, and then gained back up to 209 pounds, where I am currently holding. This level of weight loss is unusual, even for bariatric patients, who typically lose about 45%of their body weight successfully. I credit this to the more active lifestyle of cycling, and other activities I’ve been able to resume as I have gotten healthier.

To follow Tom on his journey, check out his blog, The Amazing Shrinking Man, and join me in wishing Tom all the best.

If you would like to be featured on The Velo Hobo, drop me an e-mail and a picture or two,
Thanks for reading, Jack

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