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The Perfect Ultralight Bike Touring Cell Phone

Samsung Juke

I’ve been obsessing about a replacement phone for my Samsung Juke. My wireless contract has expired and the folks at Verizon will give me a free phone if I re-up with them. So I’ve combed through the Verizon website looking for a phone that fits my bicycle lifestyle. The Juke has been a great phone; small enough to fit inside a saddle bag or a pocket and weighs next to nothing. I never ride without a cell phone (although it is almost always turned off). I consider a phone to be the most important item in a first aid kit.

I’ve looked at the Casio G’z One Rock, an armor-plated water proof flip phone with some cool features that I would never use like low and high tide indicator and moon phase something-or-other. I live in the mountains so I’m hardly ever bothered by the tides and I can usually tell if the moon is full by looking at it. But still, the phone looks manly and rugged and that’s the persona I try to put out there. The Juke screams metro sexual louder than clear nail polish and face glitter, but it’s so tiny it’s easy to conceal.

It seems the current trend in cell phone technology is a move towards bigger and more complicated. I really don’t want to surf the web or watch movies on my phone. What I do want is the smallest, lightest most unobtrusive phone I can find. Unfortunately, Samsung is no longer making the Juke or at least Verizon is not offering it as an option and nothing comparable is available. So for now, I’ll hang on to my old Juke and hope Apple decides to develop an IPod Nano phone.


  1. arlen
    September 19, 2010 at 11:50 am

    i did the Trakfone…..
    no monthly charge….
    infact one of trakfones specials if you buy there 29.99 special….
    what ever minutes you buy in the future will be counted as double minutes…
    no hassle…
    you get coverage where ever you are…
    check it out….

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