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Photographer’s Light Box

Okay, so I’m sitting here snowed in, waiting out the final few hours of my EBay auction. I’m selling all my skydiving gear, the symbol of my reckless and carefree youth, to the highest bidder.

Boredom has inspired me to do this totally off topic post. More of a ramble than a post. I’m restoring a 100 year old straight razor and I wanted to document the process with before and after photos. I needed to photograph the razor with all its warts, rust and pits in a setting with a neutral background.

The internet told me I needed a photographer’s light box. Actually the internet told me to enter my credit card number and it would send me a light box, but the internet is a tricky devil, so I built one for nothing. A cardboard box, some tissue paper, poster board I stole from one of my kids, two old spot lamps and, as the French are fond of saying, voilà!

Geneva Cutlery Corp. Pyramid Brand

Light Box

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