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Featured Rider: Peter van Glabbeek ~”The Cycling Dutchman”

Where is he now?  Last March our drought stricken corner of the world was blessed by the sky gods with a torrential deluge of the wet stuff.  With it, a Dutchman named Peter washed up at our doorstep.

Peter and Raquel

Our soggy weekend house guest, world traveler Peter Van Glabbeek was from Holland (and still is I suppose) and had been bike touring South America for the past two and a half years. Before his tour of South America, Peter toured Australia, Asia and parts of Europe. He had been on the road for over four years! Peter found us through WarmShowers.org. Peter mostly camps but occasionally takes a respite from his tent by taking shelter with Warm Showers hosts. We were fortunate to get a break in the weather long enough to take Peter out to ride one of our favorite local routes. Peter left early the following Monday morning to cycle the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive on his way to New York City. From there he planned to fly back to Holland and visit family before heading back out to tour Africa. 

Peter traveled very lightly carrying his kit in four very small panniers.  Many miles and years on the road had pared Peter’s kit down to only what was necessary.  All my planning and obsessing over gear weight and traveling less encumbered does not compare to four years of constant experience.  One of the great things about opening your home to Warm Showers guests is the invaluable experience they bring with them.

Peter was a great house guest and he kept us entertained with stories from the road and lessons learned from touring by bike. He was our first Warm Showers guest and the experience was rewarding. We have since hosted several other riders as they made their way to the Parkway and the beautiful Appalachian Mountains.  I’m unsure in what exotic far-flung place he is pedaling as I write this, but I hope he is safe and having fun.

 Visit Peter’s website:   Peter van Glabbeek .

 And if you’re considering becoming a Warm Showers host, go here:  Warm Showers   

 Thanks for reading, Jack

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