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Big Agnes Seedhouse 2 Review

The Seedhouse 2 is the perfect two person tent for ultralight bicycle touring.  I knew it was the perfect tent when my wife proclaimed “this tent is too freak’n small!”  Too freaking small is exactly what you should shop for when choosing gear for ultralight bicycle touring.  There is just enough room for two people to crawl in and go to sleep and those two people should be well acquainted.  The Seedhouse 2 is fifty-two inches wide at the shoulder, but is generous in length at eighty-four inches.  My goal when choosing a tent for touring was to keep the weight under two pounds per person.  The Seedhouse 2 just makes it at 3 lbs 12 oz, but can be pitched in “Fast Fly” mode at 2 lb 12 oz.  Color is another plus.  The drab green makes concealing your stealth camp easier.  We’ve had the tent over a year and used it both touring and backpacking and it seems to be holding up well.  If you’re traveling with a partner, and you don’t mind close quarters, I highly recommend it.

Stealth camping by a lake

Well camouflaged and pitched in the cover of darkness

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