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Featured Riders: Laura and Russ

Russ and Laura left early this morning after a healthy breakfast of pork chops and eggs.  Raquel and I enjoyed hosting them for a few days and our lives have been enriched by the experience.  Russ and Laura are on an open-ended tour with no set agenda and no set end date.  As Laura say’s “we’ll do it as long as it’s fun”. 

They are letting curiosity navigate them from town to town and they are bringing a few thousand of us with them.  Through their blog and Facebook page we can tour alongside these two and imagine what it must be like to free ourselves from the collection of material possessions which keep us anchored in one location.  Tuesday night they told their story to a packed bike shop with a beautiful slideshow and wonderfully insightful stories.  As you listen, you begin to understand this is not just a tour across America by bicycle; the bikes are just the vehicle being used.  This is a tour of discovery.  They strive to suspend judgment and immerse themselves in whatever opportunities arise, and by doing that have had some unexpected adventures and met some very interesting people.

Ride along with Russ and Laura at The Path Less Pedaled and their Facebook page

If you should happen to see them out on the road, please stop and tell them Jack and Raquel said hello.

Thanks for reading, Jack

Our driveway is a Path Less Pedaled!

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