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Ultralight Bicycle Touring Vices

Vices are indispensable on tours both long and short regardless of the amount of weight you choose to carry.  I’ve carried vices on every tour I’ve done, credit card tours, overnight bike camping trips, fully supported or self contained, I never leave home without at least one vice. 

The two vices I’ve chosen to bring on this upcoming trip are drinking and smoking.  I mean really, what’s the point of two men leaving their wives behind to go adventuring if there’s not a little drinking and smoking going on?   And it’s not like we are going to get plastered and set the woods on fire (I mean it’s possible, but not likely). 

The hand tooled leather flask is one I bought when I first began leather craft as a hobby.  I wanted an example of really nice leather work to aspire to.  The pipe was my father’s and on the rare occasions when I smoke, this is the pipe I enjoy the most.  My dad smoked it occasionally between packs of unfiltered Camels.  So I’m thinking Irish Mist and a nice aromatic apple tobacco to end my day.


  1. jat
    October 2, 2010 at 9:19 am

    my father liked his unfiltered ‘LUCKY STRIKES” and his brothers were fans of their unfiltered “camels”…as for me…never smoke..but i do have many a camp fire night story dealing with boil wine and chasing shadows…

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