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Book Review, and a word of thanks

Just back from five days of touring on the Parkway, I wanted to say thanks to all the Velo Hobo readers who have made this blogging thing a fun project.  Just past the one year mark and The Velo Hobo receives over a thousand visitors a month and the numbers just keep growing. 

Here’s the first of a few reviews of what worked and what did not.  As I’ve said, I’m not an expert and am always learning and adjusting to find my own style of less-encumbered touring.

What Worked:  Bicycling the Blue Ridge, fourth edition, by Elizabeth and Charlie Skinner.

My copy of this guide to bicycling the Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway is showing wear after countless hours of planning and daydreaming.  Pages are dog-eared, mileages and notes are penciled in the margins and yellow highlighter can be found on most pages.  I’ve used this book to plan everything from day rides to overnighters to week-long tours.  I highly recommend this valuable resource to anyone considering exploring the parkway.  One note of caution; always call ahead if you are planning to stay at a motel or campground listed in the book.  Last year my wife and I dropped off the Parkway down into a seemingly endless and insanely steep road in search of a campground around the 27 mile marker in Virginia only to find it completely shutdown and jungled over.  This was of course not the authors’ fault, things change.

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