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Book Review: Bicycle Maintenance & Repair by Todd Downs

If you own a bike you need this book or one similar.  There are a few others out there, Park Tools has one that is well thought of and there is even a ‘Bicycle Repair and Maintenance for Dummies’.  Whichever one you choose, I don’t think you will regret the purchase.  I know, some of you reading this are probably bike mechanics and I would love your input as to which manual is the best.

I still take my bike to my local shop for most repairs, but touring is all about becoming more self-reliant.  Even if you never intend to do any work on your bike, having a repair manual will make you a more informed bike shop customer.  You will be able to better communicate what is going on with your bike to the mechanic.  You will also be more aware of the labor and expensive specialized tools involved in the repair and perhaps a bit more understanding when you get the bill.

The repair manual I have is Todd Downs’ Bicycle Maintenance & Repair for Road & Mountain Bikes.  Well illustrated, this book takes you through repair jobs from the most basic, fixing a flat to more advanced jobs, like bottom bracket overhauls.  Other topics include boxing a bike and an overview of bike specific tools.  I bought mine from Amazon and the price was about twenty bucks.  Worth every penny.

 Thanks for reading, Jack

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