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Interview with The Path Less Pedaled’s Russ and Laura

Elise Giddings, bike shop owner in Carrboro (Chapel Hill) North Carolina, sent the following to share with The Velo Hobo readers.  If you have not had the opportunity to meet Russ and Laura on their open-ended tour of America, here’s your chance.  Elise will be doing a telephone interview and through the magic of technology, you can listen in, and if I am correct, ask a few questions as well.  Check it out.  It should be both entertianing and enlightening.

…I thought I would let you know that I’m planning to interview Russ and Laura about their trip this Wednesday evening in a phone interview. It will be a call-in, where people can call in from anywhere to listen to the interview and ask questions. It would be a great way to get their story out there to people who didn’t cross paths with them. I hope you’ll be able to make it, and if you wanted to let your readers know about it, some of them might really enjoy it as well.

It’s no cost to call in – totally free. The interview will be Wednesday, Oct 27th (this week) at 9pm eastern. To get the call-in info, people will need to register for the event at:


This is the first touring interview I’ve done, but it will be the start of a series of interviews about bike touring to keep the flame alive through the winter months! So stay posted for what’s next.

Thanks and nice to come across your site.

-Elise Giddings   Cycle9

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