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Hospitality for Touring Cyclists

If you’re new to touring, curious about touring or just like meeting interesting people, opening your home to traveling cyclists can be fun and rewarding.  The safest and most convenient way to do this is through Warmshowers.org, a network of hosts all over the world who provide overnight housing for touring bicyclists.  My wife and I have hosted about two dozen touring cyclists in the past two years and most have found us through Warm Showers. 

One of our guests, Peter Van Glabbeek, had ridden his bike around the world.  He kept us entertained with fascinating stories of his travels.  Others included Russ and Laura of “The Path Less Pedaled” and Tomas who flew over from Spain to cycle the east coast.  Another was Rocco, a cancer survivor who decided to ride his bike across the country. All of our guests were pleasant and interesting and we enjoyed meeting them.

With Warm Showers, you can both host and be hosted.  With thousands of members worldwide, you are sure to find a host close to your route.  Members comment on guests and hosts giving recommendations making the experience of inviting someone into your home (or staying in a stranger’s home) safer.  Becoming a member is free and easy and a great way to become more involved in the touring community.

Thanks for reading, Jack

  1. January 25, 2011 at 1:49 am

    Welcome to our community of bike tourists. This is a hospitality site for touring cyclists.
    If this is your first time here we suggest that you watch our new videos.

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