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Suck It Up and Ride!

Sometimes it’s necessary to ride injured.  You’re hurt, but not hurt enough to bail out of the tour and seek professional medical care.  I cracked a few ribs on a tour to the Wright Brothers’ Museum in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina a few years ago.  If it were not for my supernatural skills and cat-like reflexes, it could have been worse.  Well truthfully, I wasn’t even riding my bike at the time.  I was just leaning up against it when I toppled over.  My machismo would not let me admit the extent my clumsiness had injured me. “I meant to do that” I said through gritted teeth and rode on.

Emotional injury is the worst.  Two years ago we took shelter from a monsoon-like rainstorm at a wide spot in the road called Tuggle’s Gap on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We received a call that our beloved Basset Hound Indio was at the vets having emergency surgery.  I would have gladly ditched my slow moving bike for a car.  We were stuck; miles from nowhere.  It’s the only time I have regretted being out on a tour.  I wanted to be home with my decrepit and dilapidated dog. (By the way, as of 6:22pm today, she is still alive and kicking). 

They say what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.  It could be that what doesn’t kill you leaves you scarred and crippled.  I suppose it all depends on how you choose to let the injury settle into memory.          Jack

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