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Featured Rider: David Muir

One-hundred and forty four years after John Muir passed through our area on his thousand-mile walk to the Gulf of Mexico, and six weeks since I posted about his journal of the epic journey, his great-great grand nephew shows up at our door.  Was it kismet or the mystical power of the ‘world-wide web’ that brought us together?  Who can say?  

Like his famous ancestor, David Muir is prone to seeking adventure in an Ultralight fashion.  Carrying only the barest of necessities, David crossed over the perilous Wayah Gap to reach us from Franklin, North Carolina.  He took refuge from the rain in our den for a couple of nights before hooking up with friends to do some exploring in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  David is an electrical engineering student at the University of Florida and given his achiever lineage, I’m expecting him to do wondrous things with electricity in the years to come.

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