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Belhaven, NC

We began our tour in the tiny burg of Belhaven.  Situated on the shores of the Pungo River, which spills into the Pamlico Sound, this is a beautiful waterfront community.  Belhaven is far enough off the beaten path to have remained untouched by over development and still has all the charm of small town America.  Without enough traffic to support a hotel, staying overnight requires searching out a Bed and Breakfast.  Raquel found a wonderful inn to begin and end our tour, the Belhaven Water Street B&B. 

Innkeepers Karen and Andy Fisher are great hosts and the room was excellent.  With an in-room fireplace, Jacuzzi and beautiful view this is on our list of places to return.  Andy let us keep our bikes in the shed at the back of the house and even offered to put our car in a secure garage for the week.  We assured him our old car was not used to such fine treatment, so we left it parked at the rear of the house. 

Up before dawn, Karen breakfasted us with English muffins, oatmeal, fresh fruit and a delicious juice concoction.  So with all our nooks and crannies properly buttered and jellied we pushed off into a 33 degree drizzle.  Midway into the ride the near freezing drizzle turned into a substantial downpour partnered with a stiff headwind.  We were racing the clock.  The ferry to Ocracoke waits for no man and the headwind was making my blood boil.  In my delirium I began cursing the Wright Brothers for inventing the bicycle and Governor Bev Perdue for doing a poor job of controlling the coastal weather. 

We rolled into the Ferry station just as the last cars were loading.  “Almost didn’t make it” spat the squinty eyed deck hand.  Too tired for a snappy comeback, we sprawled out in the passenger lounge, soaked to the bone and grateful for the comfort of an over-brewed cup of coffee.

More to come, Jack

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