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Ocracoke to Beaufort

The bicycle gods are fickle creatures. Once we step off the bikes, the winds and rains subside. As soon as we throw a leg over the top tube, they unleash hell. I’ve yet to find a suitable sacrifice to appease them, so I’ve gotten used to tucking in my chin, putting one pedal stroke in front of the other and pressing on. We left Ocracoke in a cold early morning rain and boarded the ferry to Cedar Island Wildlife Preserve.

Two and a half hours later we were deposited onto the shores of an 11,000 acre salt grass marsh, home to thousands of waterfowl. Around its perimeter is a two lane road which traces the southern edge of a large peninsula. Within a few miles of leaving the ferry we are in a vast open and flat expanse of sea, sand and wetlands. This is a bird watcher’s paradise and is home to ducks, geese, cranes and strange pterodactyl looking birds.

The small community of Davis is the midpoint of the ride; about twenty miles or so from Beaufort.  A nice place to break for espresso and fresh baked sweet breads is Davis Shores General Store.  The proprietors were very welcoming and the place is filled with local crafts and art work.  

It’s about a forty mile ride from Ocracoke to Beaufort and the rain was intermittent and relatively light until the last five or so miles.  Then the rain fell in sheets of fat and frigid drops that pelted us without mercy.  Without any place to take shelter we pushed on slowly till we reached the Inlet Inn.  We stepped off our bikes and the rain stopped.

 More to come, Jack

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