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Marin Four Corners Review: I am in love with this bicycle!!

Since the early 90’s I’ve had a love-hate relationship with my Tommasso. Several years ago I began touring on my Cannondale mountain bike. This season I decided to get myself a proper touring bike. I looked at several and finally settled on the Marin Four Corners. To be honest, the only reason I chose the Four Corners was because of the beautiful green color. It had nothing to do with specs or any of that nonsense.

After riding a few hundred miles in the rain and driving wind, the Four Corners has proven itself to be a damn fine touring bike. It was comfortable for long hours in the saddle, has a great upright riding position, handles bumpy roads well and the fat tires are very stable and forgiving. The bike feels solid even when riding in very strong crosswind. The gearing is low enough to handle any hill and even though I tour very lightly loaded I’m sure the bike can handle heavier loads as well.

Apart from one of the rear rack braze ons being slightly off center, it was manufactured very well. Andy of Bryson City Bicycles did a wonderful job working with me to get a great set up. The Marin Four Corners comes with standard bar end shifters which Andy very nicely switched to STI’s at my request. The Four Corners also came with a lower end saddle which I replaced with a Fizik. The saddle by the way, is terrific. For pedals, Andy found these really cool pedals which are flat on one side and SPD on the other.

I can hardly wait for our next tour. Raquel
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