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Nashbar Waterproof Pannier Review

Nashbar ‘s house brand waterproof pannier is a great value.  More experienced tourists might call this an entry level bag, but if your touring style is more geared towards shorter trips, a more expensive bag may be over-kill.  Why spend hundreds of dollars for a pannier built to withstand the rigors of third-world travel when an occasional week or two on the road is your thing.

I’ve found Nashbar’s small front pannier (carried on the back rack) to be more than enough to meet my needs most of the time.  Lately they have been carrying my clothes and lunch on my daily commute.  My wife and I have been taking turns using this same set for about four years and they are showing only minor wear.  One complaint is the easy-to-lose lower mounting clip.  It’s an easy fix, just squeeze the clip a little tighter, or tape it on.  Attachment to the bike is pretty standard; hooks on top and a single elastic and hook setup on bottom.  There’s also additional Velcro straps for more security, but I’ve never had the need to use them.  Unless you’re on very bumpy roads or traveling off-road, it’s unlikely they’ll pop off.

A set of the small bags weigh in at 2.6 pounds and offer 1056 cubic inches of packing space.  Two compression straps on the side, a Velcro roll-top closure and caped top allow for over stuffing.   If you are going ultralight, you may find that you can squeeze your kit into one bag (I can if I’m taking my hammock instead of a tent).  I have found these bags to be completely rain proof.  Small reflective triangles printed on three sides add “some” visibility to these black panniers, but not much. There’s an attachment point sewn into the lid to clip on a blinky or reflector. 

Cost: about $40.00 for the small ones and well worth it.  Only available from Nashbar.com

This was an unsolicited review.  I just like them, Jack

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