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Soul Vacation by Tara | Cherokee Riders

Cherokee Riders team member Tara takes a turn blogging and does a wonderful job describing the ups and downs of spending day after day in the saddle.   Follow the link at the bottom of Tara’s quote to read the rest of the story!

Well, this trip has certainly been a journey for me. Actually, I surprised I’m still here…lol. I hate, I love it. It’s awful and awesome all at the same time. Each day I think I am getting stronger and faster something new hits me either it’s 30 mile climb, 101 degree heat, the sun, 50 miles of rolling hills or the hurling wind that bout blows me off the road. I swear i was pedaling upside down on some of the switch backs and pedaling sideways when the wind was blowing. I am going to be beef jerky by the time I’m through with this vacation I am on…lol.

via Soul Vacation by Tara | Cherokee Riders.

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  1. June 25, 2011 at 1:40 pm

    I just happened upon your blog today and I have to admit that I like it very much.
    Great job!

    I will be back!!

    Peace 🙂

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