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Irish Road Bowling and Roadside Pastimes

So how do you and your touring partner entertain each other as you hang out on the side of the road?  Here are a few ideas.

Ultralight Amusements.

The Word Game:  I’m unsure what to call this, but it’s addictive.  Here’s how it goes: I say a word “possum” then you have to say a word that begins with the last letter of my word “monkey”.  Now it’s my turn, “yellow”, and on it goes till one player is either bored or has exhausted their vocabulary.  This game can last days and weighs absolutely nothing.  You can play this as you pedal down the road.

Riddles:  If you’re the type to train for a tour, you may consider spending a little time memorizing a few dozen riddles to keep your partner befuddled. Click here for a few.

Tell Outrageous Lies:  Again, this is a totally weightless amusement.  Be careful doing this with a spouse.  It may turn into competitive lying.

Tell Jokes: Jokes are not only a great stress reliever, telling them makes you appear witty.  Here are the ten best bicycle jokes of all time.  A bold claim.

Medium Weight Amusements:

Dice and Card Games: dice and cards weigh only a few ounces and offer hundreds of variations on games. Ten-Thousand, also known as Farkle, is a great dice game.  And of course there’s Yatzee.

Play Chess: First prove you’re a better rider than your partner by beating him to your camp for the night, and then make him feel stupid by beating him at chess. Of course checkers weighs less than chess and you can both be stupid and still play.  Travel chess sets are easy to come by and only weigh a few ounces.

Hefty Amusements.

Irish Road Bowling.  Now this one requires carrying a 28 ounce cannon ball and a stick of chalk. Draw a couple of lines across the road about a mile from each other and take turns rolling the cannon ball from one to the other. The one with the fewest number of ‘bowls’ wins.  Here are the rules.

So, any other ideas for roadside or trailside amusements?

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