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Talking Ducks Should Always Wear Pants

Don’t be alarmed, but sometimes I wake up in strange places.  Last night I dreamt of talking mice and ducks and this morning I woke up in Orlando, Florida.  Please don’t ask how I came to be here, but in the chaos that was my yesterday at least I had the presence of mind to grab my bicycle.  Whoever put me to bed last night must have pried it loose from my fingers because it’s leaning against the wall near my bed; just leaning there as calmly as if this kind of thing happens to it all the time.  “Don’t look at me in that tone of voice!” I spit at it.  No reply.  A good indication that this is all real.  I close my eyes tightly and count backwards from ten.  Open my eyes and I’m still in Orlando.  Yep, this all must be real.  At least real enough to attempt a bike ride in.

So this is what I can say for certain.  I’m in Orlando and I have my bike. So I’ll be doing some exploring.  No, I won’t be visiting Disney World.  To be honest, I don’t think they will let me back in after the last time and I’m sure they won’t let me in with my bike.


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