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Featured Riders: Julie and Mark

Julie and Mark, two cycling adventurers from England, sent this along to share with The Velo Hobo readers.  Read their epic experience along the TransAm on their Crazy Guy On A Bike journal.

“My husband and I cycled the Transam and some of the Pacific coast this year from April to Sept on a Hase Pino Tandem. The ride was a dream of ours which we worked hard to make happen. We didn’t want to wait until we retired to fulfill our dream as you never know what is around the corner. The tour was very challenging, especially on our bike of choice, but we have wonderful memories that will last as long as we live. We had to give up our jobs to do the ride which was kind of scary, but we have no regrets. The best thing about the ride was the people we met and the kindness we received. We learned a lot about touring on our tour, the main lesson we learnt is how much the weight you carry greatly affects your enjoyment of the ride. All future tours we will be going as lightweight as possible.”

 Here is a link to our journal:


Thanks Julie and Mark for the contribution.

Julie and Mark

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  1. Julie and Mark
    December 16, 2013 at 4:54 am

    Thanks for featuring us on your featured riders page

    • The Velo Hobo
      December 16, 2013 at 8:24 am

      You’re very welcome. Thanks for sharing! Jack

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