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The Velo Hobo Sporadic Reader: Press Releases!

September 8, 2012 1 comment

Hot off the presses here in the mountains of Western North Carolina is Zeke’s article uncovering a doping scandal of epic proportions within the ranks of amateur cycling.  Unfortunately I’m named in the article, but as I have already confessed my sins I feel completely absolved and somewhat compelled to help spread the word.

Zeke also tells of a local cyclist who was harassed.  Someone actually threw an M80 (explosive) at a rider!  Check out an online version of his article at The Mountaineer and read Zeke’s full post at  Zeke’s Great Smokies 2 Wheeled Adventures .

Bouncing around the Twitter is a report of an editor of a snooty British magazine who wrote in an editorial that the “The only good cyclist is a dead one”.  Apparently editors of snooty British magazines aren’t very nice people.  Here’s an account of the hubbub.

On a happier note, Bike New York, producers of the 5-Boro Bike Tour, are promoting the 11th running of “The Twin Lights Ride” on September 30th.  If this ride is anything like the 5-Boro, I’m sure it will be well organized and a lot of fun.  There are four ride options, from 30 to 100 milers.  For more information visit  and tell them The Velo Hobo sent you, they’ll be impressed.

Check out Hendrik’s great looking bike with frame packs and read about his S24O er S90…sometimes things just don’t go as planned.  But still a great trip report with, as always, beautiful pictures!

I’m planning another S24O this weekend; the first since having a cadaver ACL installed in my left knee.  Follow along on Facebook and Twitter (see the links in the side bar) and check back here in a couple of days for a more in-depth ride report.  I’ll be joined by Andy of Bryson City Bicycles.

And just because they said it couldn’t be done, Andy is riding an all carbon racing bike; proving once and for all that touring can be done on any bike.  Well I guess if Andy’s bike bursts into flames we may have to adjust that theory.

As always, thanks for reading, Jack


The Velo Hobo Occasional Reader: In Print and Ultralight Books

August 5, 2012 2 comments

I was very flattered to be asked to put together an article for The Smoky Mountain News.  I chose S24Os as my topic.  I’m told most of SMN’s readership go for the printed version, but you can check out the online edition here:  Smoky Mountain News-Touring Overnight

Also at Smoky Mountain News is an inspiring article about fellow Western North Carolina bike blogger Hugh Lambert.  If you’ve been following along here at VH, you’ll remember Hugh as one of the famed Cherokee Riders.  Check out the story here:  Smoky Mountain News- Hugh’s story.

The Ultimate Ultralight Touring Guidebook!
Okay, the guidebook is not about ‘Ultralight’ touring, but the guidebook itself weighs less than two ounces.  Yes, you read that right, a comprehensive and illustrated guide to bicycle touring that weighs less than a jelly doughnut.  This is the perfect size to stuff in a handlebar bag on your next overnighter; just enough reading material to entertain the weight conscious cycling reader for an evening.  These little books, and there are three to choose from, are really little works of cycling art exclusively from the Urban Adventure League.

Speaking of tiny books, the Dali Lama (the current version) has a couple of pint sized pocket DIY enlightenment manuals.  The Book of Wisdom is packed full of the stuff, but I’m feeling a bit gypped by his Book of Transformation.  I’ve read the thing twice and I’m still me.  Still, these tiny books fit into a handlebar bag and could be read while hanging in a hammock tent without danger of exceeding weight limitations.

Velo Hobo Not-So Weekly Reader: My Monkey Mind

July 14, 2012 1 comment

My monkey-like mind, unable to focus on anything for more than a minute or two, makes blogging on a regular basis pretty difficult.  I’m amazed to see the readership growing at the rate it is.

Check out the Urban Adventure League’s  “New Comic Debut! Plus a July sale! And a CONTEST!”  and drop by the store to purchase some pretty nifty bike art (is this what they call an adult graphic novel?).  I think I’ll order mine today!

Kent at Kent’s Bike Blog gives us a look at the Trek Allant…sweet bike for upright roadies.

Russ and Laura, the Path Less Pedaled people, have exciting news for those of us on the east coast.

Jim of Jim’s Bike Blog, tells us of “The sad end of ‘Ollie’s Wild Ride’”.

Pondero shows us “A Simpler Time” in black and white.

And The Jolly Green Giant gives us a gram by gram comparison of Fire Tools.

If you didn’t make this weeks Weekly Reader it’s not that you didn’t write incredible stuff, it’s just that I am incredibly lazy.

Until next time, Jack

The Velo Hobo Weekly Reader

June 23, 2012 6 comments

Hendrik goes Bikepacking in Pirkanmaa.  Check out the beautiful photography and well written trip report of this Ultralight backpacker as he applies his UL knowledge to bike packing.  His kit is neatly packed away in a beautiful frame pack.  I’m sure by now it has a nice muddy patina.

The Bicycle Touring Pro, Darren Alff, explores Iceland on an S&S coupler equipped CoMotion.  He gives us a great break down of what an adventure like this will cost.

Ruby Two Birds, Ben and Delaney, have left New York behind and are now in the corn infested wilderness of the mid-west.

And would someone please help Zeke find his Mojo.

On a personal note, I was finally able to bend my knee enough to complete a pedal stroke.  So for now I’m piloting a recumbent trainer at the physical therapist.

Here’s a totally random photo taken back when I actually rode a real bicycle:

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